Narratives of
Exchange / Exchange
of Narratives

‘Is material more valuable than ideas?’ ‘Is society more important than culture?’ Narratives of Exchange places emphasis on elaborating our understanding of power by predicting its distribution within different networks. Focusing on how contemporariness reinvents its own language through exchange and how it illustrates the aesthetics of calculation, Exchange of Narratives depicts a broad landscape of economics in its fundamental definition. The artists’ works employ layered forms of value-in-exchange with a social-political criticality. In looking at how art is made, ideas of production emerge as a crucial theme. This sets up a context that juxtaposes the (un)measurable value, (im)material, labour, time, desire, power, language and sheds light on the tangible meaning of exchange.

Situating the exhibition in Instituto Alumnos, Narratives of Exchange / Exchange of Narratives proposes a shift in how and what is seen as the currency of collections, from material to symbolic value. This questioning is enacted in the works through performance, video, installation and text.

Opening: November 8, 7pm

On view November 8 - December 23, 2018 by appointment

Instituto Alumnos
Paseo del Pedregal 610,
Colonia Jardines del Pedregal, CDMX